3 Reasons Why Tasmania Offers World-Class Seafood

Known around the world for both the quality and variety of its seafood, Tasmania is the place to visit if you love fresh seafood. If you love deep-sea fish, oysters, lobsters, mussels and abalone, there’s simply no better destination to visit.


From fine dining options to takeaway fish and chips on the beach, there are many ways to enjoy the world-class seafood that Tassie has to offer. If you’re in Sandy Bay, our seafood restaurant offers a carefully crafted, mouthwatering menu - including the freshest fish and chips you’ll find in Sandy Bay!


Here are 3 reasons why Tassie’s seafood is world-class and something you don’t want to miss!


1 - The Biodiversity of the Tasman Sea

The Tasman Sea is the meeting point for three oceans, and with that comes rich biodiversity that few regions can match. The interaction between species is truly unique, as are so many different life forms found here. As much as 90% of the species found in the Tasman Sea don’t exist anywhere else. This means you can experience seafood here that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world!


2 - Unpolluted waters

Tucked away at the bottom of the globe, Tasmania’s location has benefitted it in many ways - including keeping its waters pure, unspoiled, and unpolluted. This makes Tasmanian seafood healthier for consumption and also much tastier. What’s more, the pristine waters of the Tasman helps local seafood to live longer and have more opportunities to reproduce. This helps to maintain strong stocks for future generations.


3 - Low-Impact Farming Techniques

Many fishing regions around the world are overfished and also use destructive farming techniques to produce high volumes of produce. This isn’t the case in Tassie. From salmon to mussels, Tasmania’s farmed seafood is produced with low-impact farming techniques to preserve the local environment and produce healthier, better-tasting seafood. This is especially important with seafood like oysters and mussels.


When you want truly fresh fish and chips in Sandy Bay, cooked to perfection with stunning views of the water, drop by Maning Reef Cafe. Our seafood restaurant offers a mouthwatering seafood menu, showcasing the very best of Tasmanian produce. To make a reservation or order takeaway, give us a call on 0402 337 831.


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