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We want you to anticipate every visit at our restaurant in Sandy Bay, TAS. That’s why aside from enjoying our freshly-prepared meals with a beautiful view, you can also learn more about what we do. Be updated on upcoming events, new dishes, featured specials, and more interesting information through our blog page.

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  • Hot smoking pizza What Makes Woodfired Pizza Better?
    Thu/Feb/2020 0 Comments
    What Makes Woodfired Pizza Better?

    For a truly authentic Italian experience, nothing beats a classic woodfired pizza! Everyone agrees it tastes delicious after taking just one bite. But what makes it so much better? Of course, fresh ingredients, traditional recipes and expert craftsmanship are all essential. However, the woodfire cooking process itself is crucial for creating that famously flavoursome experience.

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  • Seafood on plate 3 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood
    Thu/Feb/2020 0 Comments
    3 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood

    From succulent shellfish and prawns to the finest saltwater and freshwater fish, seafood is a delicious delicacy enjoyed all around the world. Seafood is also one of the healthiest foods on the planet, loaded with a range of important nutrients, from protein to omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Here we explore three key health benefits that all seafood fans enjoy.

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