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What Makes Woodfired Pizza Better?

For a truly authentic Italian experience, nothing beats a classic woodfired pizza! Everyone agrees it tastes delicious after taking just one bite. But what makes it so much better? Of course, fresh ingredients, traditional recipes and expert craftsmanship are all essential. However, the woodfire cooking process itself is crucial for creating that famously flavoursome experience.


Higher Temperature and Faster Cooking

Heat is emitted out from the roaring wood fire, radiates across the oven, and is absorbed by the interior brick walls. This heat spreads around the dome evenly, while the floor of the oven remains slightly cooler. The baking temperature can be anywhere between 300 to 350 degrees. which is maintained by keeping a continuous fire burning.


Due to the warmth stored in these dense walls, the woodfired oven cooks pizza very quickly. It takes just 2 to 3 minutes for the pizza to cook. This combination of high temperature and fast cooking results in a uniquely crunchy, tasty pizza.


Better Crust and Crispier Toppings

With such high temperatures, the radiant heat from the fire and inside walls of the woodfire oven crisps the outside of the pizza rapidly. This seals off moisture in the dough, preventing a soggy base whilst achieving a full flavoured crust. This means you’ll enjoy a crisp, satisfying outside and soft, chewy inside.


The intense heat and airflow generated inside the brick woodfired oven also seals and cooks the toppings quickly and evenly. This rapid cooking creates crisper toppings and allows nutrients in vegetables to remain intact. The cheese does not burn, but instead melts, taking on a beautiful colour and smoky flavour.


That Unique Taste

Only a woodfired brick oven can achieve the special smoky flavour of a woodfired pizza - something that just can’t be reproduced in a regular kitchen oven. The high temperature produces extraordinary flavours that simply cannot be achieved through slow cooking.




Sandy Bay Woodfired Pizza

If you’re searching for a truly indulgent woodfired pizza, we welcome Sandy Bay families to visit our friendly cafe. Explore our pizza menu and make a reservation by calling 0402 337 831.


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